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Diane Kenyon-May created DKM Luxury Rentals at the age of  25 , after living in Mallorca as a Yacht Broker, Dublin doing Business Brand development and London as a Celebrity Brand Junior manager. She also helped to organize the French National sailing race 2010 in 12 towns around France. 

She is Fun, dynamic, spontaneous and hard working. She loves creating amazing events, Unique & bespoke, paying attention to each details , so her clients can relax and enjoy the moment. Remembering that day for the rest of their lives !

She is half-French & English. 

Her passion for Chateaux and Boats came by growing up in that environment. She always lived in french Chateaux, her father restores them and moving on to the next project. She loves old stones and their history. Growing up in the yachting industry, she admires Boats, their design , elegance and sport line that makes them unique.



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