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Chateau "Vineyard Dream"

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  • Location: Near Bordeaux

  • Accommodation: 38 guests.

  • Only Chateau 13 guests.

  • Capacity of reception: 196 sitting

  • 1 reception rooms, 1 courtyard & covered patio

  • Self-Catering or private chef

  • Swimming Pool

  • Wifi

Things to do:


  • Visit Bordeaux town , restaurants & antiques

  • Wine tours around the Region

  • Arcachon & Oyster producers

  • Boat rental

  • Beach

  • Pool games, Lawn games

  • Bike ride or walks

Price Chateau Exclusive use:​

-Chateau privatisation


-Reception rooms

- Pool

- Chairs & tables

- Chateau 6 bedrooms

-10 Decorative wine barrels

High season Week-ends : from 7 820€ for 2nights

Mid-Week / Low season: from 6 256€  for 2 nights

(Possibility for more nights)



Enquire to Check availabilities.& details


Accommodation for you and your guests:

The 530m2 chateau, recently reformed, with a homy decoration, has fully equipped kitchen, a billiard room, a living room with TV & cheminee, a children game room in the tower, a dining room for 12 guests, a Boudoir with library, a Mini Bar filled with Wine bottles, a lovely Glass Orangery with view on vineyards and garden and WIFI through all the house.
The chateau's suite of classically proportioned reception rooms and library on the ground floor are ideal for individual relaxation as well as elegant parties of up to 20, with a terrace overlooking the garden.

The chateau has 6 bedroom that can welcome up to 13 guests.

5 Brand new bedrooms in an outside building, 5 meter from the chateau! And a Lac house with 2 bedrooms.


Swimming Pool:

A relaxing, secured and large pool area will allow you to cool down during the warm days! A BBQ, tables & chairs are around the pool
for a family diner. Max 30 guests

Reception rooms:

Once a winery, our detached stone proportioned banqueting hall has its own bar in the main room, BOSE Sound system, a professional catering space, accessible restroom facilities, kids room and coatroom around it. It seats up to 296 (250 guests with Dancefloor space) and opens onto a large courtyard & covered patio, where you can also decide to have your dinner party or cocktail. The hall has its own parking

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