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Transports around Bordeaux and Gironde Region






Finding its way around town or a region when traveling is not always easy. Of course, the best is to rent a car with GPS and hop we go!

If that option is not possible, there are many other ways to move around. Bordeaux has an excellent Public transport system. Very clean, on time and efficient.

There is the good old Bus, the nice modern Tram , the city Bike (called V’CUB) but also the electric car & BOAT!! Yes, you read well!  The “BATCUB” which goes from the little square on the river up to the shopping walk way further along, or up to Lormont , the other side of town & river for the price of a single BUS fare!!

The electric car is also a very good & simple way to move around from 1 point to the other. They have special car park for them all around town which is very useful.

The Bus, Tram & Boat are all linked by the town group CUB, and with 1 ticket you can access to the 3 services! No need to look for parking!














Talking about Car park, just to let you know, if you go on the shopping walk way on the Quays, “le quais des Marques”, and buy anything, you get 1hour free car park!

If you have no car, from the airport, there is the Liane 1 Bus which runs directly to the city centre in about 30minutes or to a Tram connection in Merignac. The fare is only approx. 1€50, so don’t take the other private bus lines which charge 3 times more!

Be aware that if you take a taxi in Bordeaux, even for 50meters, they have a minimum charge of 10€!

Fancy visiting Bordeaux outskirts? The train runs to the major cities around Bordeaux like Libourne, La Rochelle, Royan... and also in some small villages like famous St EMILION (to be seen)!!! You are also only at 3hours from Paris!

The tram runs from the city centre to the train station.

Bordeaux Train station is the Europe Biggest glass structure with 300meters long.














(Picture: Train Station Bordeaux- Bordeaux Metropole)



Just know that if you have an accommodation in the countryside… It can be difficult. Best way is to take the train then a taxi or ask someone to come and pick you up.


Bon Voyage!


Diane Kenyon-May

CEO DKM Luxury Rentals

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