Chateau "Princess"

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Bordeaux chateau for weddings
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Wedding Venue in France Bordeaux- Holiday
Wedding Venue in France Bordeaux- Holiday



  • Location: Border Dordogne/ Gironde

  • Accommodation: 94 Guests.

  • 17 bedrooms in chateau + 3 in Cottage + 2 studio & 21 Modern bungalows

  • With full privatisation, access to library, living rooms , kitchen & dining room

  • Lunches & diners available upon request

  • Jazz Bar

  • 2 Tennis Courts

  • Swimming Pool+ Pool Bar

  • 54 Ha Parc 

  • Possibility to land by helicopter

Things to do:


  • Bordeaux at 60Km

  • St Emilion at 35km

  • Wine Tours & tasting in the Region St Emilion/ Pomerol & Bordeaux Wine Appelations

  • Air Balloon

Chateau Rental Prices:

Chateau complete privatisation:

-Chateau privatisation


-Reception room

- Glass Tent

-Access to Chateau dinning Room, living room

- Chateau lounges & kitchen

- Jazz Bar

- Pool

- Tennis courts

- 17 chateau bedrooms 

- 44 guests

For 3 Nights: 

High season : 18 000€

Mid -season ( & X-mas): 13 300€

Per week:

High season: 22 115€

Mid-season ( & X-mas): 15 800€

Possibility for more or less nights. Please contact us for personalised quotes. 





Enquire to Check availabilities.& details


Holiday Accommodation for you and your guests:


The chateau offers 17 bedrooms for up to 44 guests, a Guest house with 3 double bedrooms , a 2 person studio & 21 Modern Bungalows for 44 guests.  So you can choose between a romantic stay for 2 or a family & friends holiday & have this beautiful chateau by yourself, and enjoy Tennis, Swimming Pool and wine tasting around the Region!

Reception Rooms:


Glass tent: Glass tent situated in front of the Chateau with Panoramic view . Ideal for cocktails or diners.                 


Chateau Dining room & Living Room: Very chic & warm to relax and enjoy a nice breakfast or a drink.


Jazz Pub: Very elegant, warm & pubby style Jazz bar.



The 54hectars parc hides a magnificent pond, perfect for pictures!








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