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Where to have a drink in Bordeaux?




Bordeaux has of course several nice places spread over the town. Little hidden, interesting bars. I won’t be able to name them all but here are a few nice places you would like to check-out.


Bordeaux, being reputed for its wine, you of course cannot avoid the wine bars!

3 most interesting ones with completely different atmospheres are in the city centre.

The "CIVB", very elegant and sophisticated place, where all the Bordeaux famous & rafined wines can be tasted. It’s owned by the “Interprofessional Bordeaux Wines Council”.


"L’Autre Petit Bois", situated in the charming Quartier St Pierre, is also an elegant place but with character and a magic touch to it with its tree in the middle of the room, Baroque style decoration. Concept: Take a bottle of wine (or a glass!) and you will have a free plate of Cheese, Charcuterie or half/half (as you wish) served with it. This place is often full so don’t go too late- no reservation accepted!















L’Autre petit Bois


And my 3rd pick is "Les 4 coins du Vin", more relaxed, with stand –up tables & high seats. The concept here is that you take a card that you introduce in wine machines, then choose the wine and the amount of wine you wish to taste. So you can go all evening and taste a bit of each wines! Staff is also there to help you in your choice depending on your tastes. Platters are also served à la carte (in extra).


There is also other cool lounge bars in Bordeaux! L"’IBAIA", situated on the river with view on Place de la Bourse, is a Posh Relaxed lounge bar, winter like summer. In winter, they put a cheminee inside , and in Summer, enjoy your feet in the sand, drinking a cocktail on a wine barrel on the terrace on the river quay with cool music and really nice international cuisine (tapas, sushi’s, Thai salads, burgers, entrecotes, .. )



















(Ibaia picture)



In summer, discover the "Night Beach", new Roof Top terrace of the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux!

Wonderful view, lovely Champagne, little snacks, a perfect mix for a romantic evening.















Night beach picture




Another cool place, but more of a Music/ Dance place to go after diner, is LIFE. Good music, good ambience, very big and nicely decorated, situated in the quartier St Pierre. They also have Finger foods.


And to finish this small suggestion list, L’"EMPIRE DES SENS", beautifully decorated, very original bar and chic where you can dance after a certain time. They also have a restaurant with a nice menu.

















L’empire des Sens



Voilà, I hope you will enjoy your time and don’t hesitate sharing if you discover new interesting places!


Diane Kenyon-May

CEO DKM Luxury Rentals


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